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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Course Description
The aim of the course is to connect with TESOL educators from around the world for collaborative exchange of ideas and best practices on how to teach English to speakers of other languages in face-to-face, blended and/or fully online learning environments, and in the flipped class. The course is ongoing with live classes, workshops, and demonstrations of innovations and best practices by guest speakers. The focus of the workshops will depend greatly on the needs of the members of the course.

The participants will collaborate, share ideas, and decide what they need for their classes and courses. The goal is for TESOL teachers to connect for learning and best practices, and to inspire one another. The topics will include classroom management, creating socially engaging learning activities, integrating web technology and live classes such as WzIQ for blended and fully online learning and the flipped classes, and ideas on how to teach language learning skills. Learning with technology will include mobile learning and teaching with androids, iPhone, and iPads.

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How do we learn a first and second language? Is it the same? What theories of language learning are available? 

Theories of Language Learning

1. Behaviorist Theories 
2. Universal Grammar Theory
3. Krashen’s Monitor Theory
4. Cognitive Theory
5. Conversation Theory
6. Schumann’s Acculturation Theory

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Nellie!!! She´s clear as water!!!!! Keep it short.... make it simple.... she is a master of this!!

Dear Nellie: Thank you so much! Today´s webinar was one of the most enriching ones I have experienced on WizIQ!! A+++ Best regards, Fabiana (from Argentina, not Iceland!!, sound was cracky at times and I didn´t get you were asking for nationalities present in the webinar LOL!)

The class was outstanding as always. Dr Nellie presents in an excellent attitude. She is a remarkable mentor, teacher and a friend.

Nellie's presenatations are always good. Very precise.

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Susan said...

EXCELLENT Explanation of Language Learning Theory!
Thank you, Dr. Nellie!