Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quality of Mind & Heart in 2013

Dear Members of CO13,
We spend hours doing things for others, whether at home and at the office or school. Isn't it time we found time to devote to ourselves? Take some time off and listen to music, walk for no reason in the park, or do things that were unrelated to work or family.
I have been practicing mindful living and relaxation for a number of years, so I can improve the quality of my mind and heart. That's all I needed, so that I can recharge and manage everything else in my life. One way of taking time off from my duties and turning to myself is through learning and music.
Learning without stress and having fun is a great way to start the new year. Jason R. Levine is going to give live sessions with recordings, so we can listen to music and relax anywhere and at any time with the recordings. Join the fun starting January 13, 2013

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